Welcome to the Golden Compass Meditations.

Go find yourself, so you can also find me.
– Rumi

To the extent that we know ourselves, we can find others there. When we dare to dive deep into the shadows of our psyche and illuminate the underworld of our fears, we grow: we deepen our connection to the human and divine within. This contact with ourselves feels relaxed, warm, settled and safe; it feels like home, for it is. The nervous system calms, the breath deepens, pain disappears, and we can feel ourselves again. From this centered and relaxed place, we are able to receive insights, inspiration, and guidance. We make decisions that honor the splendor of who we are. We hear the messages that guide us to our destiny, we follow the clues of our own divine path.

And from this place we look around and see, feel, and know, who else in our lives has done the same. We experience a resonance with others who also know themselves deeply. There is an ease and comfort, with the self, with the other, with each other. This is a satisfying and nourishing place from which to live, and well worth the time, effort, and money spent to learn our way there.

How do we get there? Meditation is one way.

These three meditations are designed to connect you to yourself, to the core of the Earth, and to source energy, so that you may know all three experientially. They are simple and powerful. The more you practice them, the deeper you will go. They are gateway tools to the mystery of the divine within and without. Once you are in, you can go as far and deep as you allow yourself.

These meditations are also designed for the “modern person,” meaning, all of us.
They are practical tools to reverse the stress response and lessen the symptoms of anxiety, with benefits like decreased blood pressure and relief from chronic physical pain. If you are too stressed or too busy to meditate, this is for you. If you insist that you don’t know how to meditate and will never learn, this is for you. Give it a try; give yourself a fighting chance for a level of peace and self-possession you may believe to be unattainable. Everything is possible.

Sound Files

The sound files in the following pages are three guided meditations and three sonic drones. On each page you’ll find written explanations on the purpose and use of each meditation. Use the drones as you wish; I love drones and use them for everything from meditating to creating a coherent sonic environment when I write. My clients know that I’ve been using the same couple of drones in healing sessions for years.

Everything you hear is my voice, recorded, mastered and produced by my colleague and friend Srikala Kerel Roach (srikalogy.com) at Bhakti Dojo Studios. The cello is played by the amazing Erika Jenson Smith. If you have the urge or impulse to sing, hum, or tone, while you listen to this, please do so!!

And finally, I named this series of meditations the Golden Compass Meditations, because they are intended to lead you to the gold within. Use them to source yourself.

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