Drop In, Drop Down, Ground In, Power Up

Benefits of this Meditation / Why Ground?

Feel the Love – The tone of dan tien is a harmonic of the tone of the core of the Earth. We are of the Earth, we are the Earth. Ground into her to feel original mother’s love, acceptance and warmth. Take it in, soak it up, love her back, she loves this.

Chill Out – Too much time away from nature can leave us feeling fried or spun out– we’ve usually been in our heads and around electronics for too long, and can feel any version of nauseous, unfocused, exhausted, hopeless etc. When we are disconnected from the Earth, we are disconnected from our own grounding, meaning we are out of touch with our own first chakra which governs home, safety, and basic needs being met. Use this meditation to tap into the healing frequencies of the Earth to slow everything down, come into your body, find your deep breath again, and nourish your first-chakra needs.

Ease the Mind, Solve your Problems – When you feel unable to solve a problem or move past an issue and you feel your mind go into a program loop (like a computer), use this meditation to drop the energy down: the mind was not designed to be used in place of the heart, and can easily short circuit. You might find your problem magically solved once you stop trying to figure it out.

Cure Stage Fright – Shaking in your boots about a performance or speaking engagement? Do this meditation before you go on stage – make sure you really ground deeply into your dan tien before grounding down. Try it, it really works.

For Optimal Use: The Dan Tien, Hara, and Intention

The purpose of this meditation is to ground your energy into the core of the Earth in order to know and benefit from the frequency of mother Earth, which is your energetic heritage.

You are guided to gently drop into your body and drop your energy from your head, shoulders, and upper body down into your lower dan tien. You will then send a lazer line of light down from your dan tien into the core of the Earth, and ground in.

There are three major dan tiens in the body, the upper, middle and lower. We are working with the lower in this meditation. The dan tien is a powerful energy center about an inch and a half below your belly button right in the center of your body. It is the center of gravity and balance in your physical body, and plays a role in centering, balancing, and focusing your energetic body as well. There are many ways to describe the lower dan tien. I experience it as the grounding point of both chi and intention in the body.

When asked by her students where “intention” was located in the body, Barbara Brennan looked and saw that we can access intention by tapping into our hara lines (energetic lines located across the shoulders and down the arms, across the hips and down the legs, and through the very center of the body in a line from the crown to the pelvis). When we are creatively inspired to manifest (anything), the energy travels from source, to our divine core, to the hara, and then precipitates down through the auric field into the physical. A clear, strong, and aligned hara allows for pleasurable and effortless manifestation; the dan tien is one way to access the hara.

As you tap into your dan tien, you are learning how to access a powerful center inside of you that is the gateway to working with your intentions. You are also learning how to access and cultivate the powerful flow of chi in your body, which can contribute to clarity and ease of mind and body: think of having the power of intention behind your movement and actions – you literally walk through life powered by the energy coursing through you.

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