Living Your Dream, Plan Your Biz for 2019

Date: Nov 29, 2018
Time: 12:00 pm

I say this often, as much for myself as for others: your dreams, as in what you want for your life, are unique to you. We can take our dreams and visions for granted, like the air we breathe, thinking that everyone wants what we want, because…how could they not? This is not true. Your dreams are uniquely calling you.

Callings are tricky – they are these deep desires within us that feel so potent, the actualization of which would be so utterly magical, that we can barely admit them to ourselves, much less others…much less take action towards fulfilling them. It seems impossible that life could be that good.

The thing is, our whole life is on the other side of these callings. All of the satisfaction, adventure, juiciness, gifts, evolution, wisdom, and yes, growth and challenge.

Callings are terrifying, because, almost by definition, we can’t see to the other side of them. There are no guarantees as to what’s going to work out and how – this is part of the initiation, and yes, also part of the magic and exhilaration. This is when you plan well, then dig deep, and let go. This is where your desire to create and spirit’s desire to create come together so you can, literally, live your best life.


On Thursday Nov. 29th I’m teaching our next free masterclass: Living Your Dream, Plan Your Biz for 2019. It’s business planning for 2019, with heart.

We’ll cover it all:

  • How do you sift through your offerings and products to find the ones that best serve your people while being most lucrative
  • Your offering schedule
  • Your marketing schedule
  • Your income goals, and how your offerings will have you reach those goals
  • How do you put this all on a calendar in a way that feels supportive and not overwhelming


And you better believe we’re going to talk about what’s calling you, too: in your heart of hearts, what have you always wanted, and how do you start to get there.

That’s why we’re covering “soft” skills. To:

  • Clarify the desire moving through you
  • Support you in the courage it takes to move towards something as simultaneously powerful and nebulous as your calling
  • Incorporate balance so you can have it all and not get burned out
  • Develop the self-mastery and personal growth that keeps you fueled and nourished for your work


Join us next Thursday. Planning for your year feels amazing. In structure there is freedom and success.

The class is live with me, free, and first come first served; there are 20 seats available.

You can reserve your spot here.

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