In honor of the journey we all walk, I am launching The Alignment Sessions. The last time I offered The Alignment Sessions, it was Fall 2017 and we were post full solar eclipse. Now we are post the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century, and the initiation has been no less extreme. Now more than ever, it’s time to do this together.

Over the next 30 days, I will give 30 transformative conversations to change-makers. In the past eight months, I’ve lived a turn in my hero’s journey that’s been the most intense since I launched my practice in 2009, and I’m inspired to connect in a big way.

My journey this year has brought me to my knees more than once. Despite my ego’s anxiety to not share about this, I want to, because: I am right there with you, in the fear, exhilaration, and integration of living your purpose, and creating your dream.


In January of this year, I left a part-time job in Silicon Valley that I never talked about. It supported me for a couple of years in my cross-country move, and as I rebuilt my local practice to one that is online and global.

In January, it was time to leave the start-up, and I leapt – big, back into the adventure, back into the arms of Spirit.

What a ride.

I teach about mindset, the importance of inner work, and how solopreneurship is not for the faint of heart. I speak from direct experience.

These past eight months have run the full spectrum. I’ve wanted to run away and to put it all down; I’ve doubted myself completely; I’ve panicked in the realization that…I am the only one that will make this happen. At one point, I needed help so desperately that all I could do was cry out to my angels, “Please help me, I don’t even know how, but I need help right now.”

And…I came out the other side, like a warrior: laser-focused, tools honed, a scintillating diamond emerging from the pressure.

>I know what it’s like to celebrate my most successful month to-date, a dollar amount I had only dreamed of.

>I know what’s it’s like to be in crystal-clear alignment with my inner being, act from there, and see material results.

>And I know what it’s like to sit in wordless, sacred silence after a client session for the astonishing magic that just poured forth.


Your hero’s journey does not happen just once. As a seeker, you will take twists and turns that challenge you to the core of your beliefs – in your purpose, in your mission, in god.


My commitment is that you don’t get lost in the dark, that you do.not.give.up. 

The greatest gift I have is to connect with other change-makers who are ready to ground in, dream big, and do the work to launch their passion-based purpose work in the world.


…explore your deepest desires, the ones that won’t let you go.
What have you always wanted to do? What lights you up all the time? What calls you from the deep well of the mystery? This is the juice of your life, the passion that you deserve to live every-single-day.

…give voice to your stand for the world. What’s your mission?
What do you know is right for the world, and how is your work a part of that? Action taken from the fire of clarity and purpose is the most satisfying thing…ever.

…go deep, explore what is fully you.
The richness of life is here, and it’s yours. Where are you held back from claiming it? We’ll explore that, and come to the other side, so you can have more of yourself, your creativity, and your confidence.


How to be a part of The Alignment Sessions:

  1. Click this link, book your session
  2. Fill out the questionnaire I send you
  3. Show up! There will be no reschedules
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