Back in November, I had just broken up with someone whom I really liked; alas, it wasn’t a fit. And I was finally ready for my partner – like the real deal, awesome, committed person who was a great match for me.  I sat down to meditate, and set my intention to bring him into my life.  As I sank in, I could feel immediately that my meditation that day was unique; it seemed that so much of the healing skill, understanding, insight, and practice that I have been doing for 12 years was integrated into this one 30-minute session.

When I emerged from that meditation, I knew that spirit had given me two gifts. The first was this new course: The Practical Magic of Manifestation. It’s an intensive that teaches you how to actually manifest – not just how to create vision boards and wish for things.

The second gift was my instruction on how to manifest my guy: “You must keep your head down, work hard… and teach the manifestation course!”

A little too woo-woo for you? Yes, I can see that, but it’s a true story!

So, for the next couple of months, I worked hard, taught and saw clients, developed the manifestation course, and set it for release in the Spring!


 For years, whenever I even saw the word manifestation, much less someone claiming to teach me how to manifest, I would immediately shut down. I had made more visions board and more lists (what I want, what it looks like, what it feels like etc. etc.) then I cared to admit, and NONE of this ever worked.

To me, manifestation was this bogus science, this lie that people tried to teach me. Telling me that if I wasn’t able to manifest, it was because I wasn’t clear enough, or powerful enough, or detached enough from what I wanted.  How do I want something and simultaneously be detached from actually having it?? It was maddening.

As such, I never thought I’d ever teach manifestation… that is until this meditation in November landed the whole process.

Yes, manifestation is absolutely about getting clear on what you want and visualizing it. That’s what the vision boards are for. But it only begins there. There is an entire energetic process and journey that your inspiration travels in order to get itself into your physical world. This is what I teach in this course.

We work with every aspect of your world – physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual. We work with where inspiration comes from, and how it lands in your heart and mind. We work with the power of intention and how that strengthens your creation. We work with your fears and where you unconsciously sabotage what you really want. And we work with how to use the instructions you’ve been given (by your own self) to make your manifestation physical.

It’s a 4-week intensive that teaches you how to manifest – as in, how to actually bring what you want into your physical life.


 If you are interested, check the course out here. We are already about halfway full, so if this calls, go ahead and claim your spot. I’m offering the course for $108 until the start date of Wednesday, March 22nd, at which point the investment will be $397.

If you are interested in de-mystifying the process of manifestation, like I was, and if you are ready to actually have what you want – whether for your business or personal life, sign up and get going with us on March 22nd, I’d love to have you with us.

Claim Your Spot Here.
From the practical, and the magical,

P.S. – How could I forget! Exactly one month ago I started dating a brilliant, handsome, open-hearted man, who’s a chef, to boot!
Now, are you ready for your own set of instructions? 🙂


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