If you lived your full potential for the next six months, what would that look like? Where would you be in December?

What would you be celebrating during the holidays, if you moved forward on your dreams with support and structure every day from now until then?

Six months is a powerful capsule of time that, used wisely, can change your life forever.

I’ve been talking about my six-month program, Break Free to Live Free, and I wanted to send you a note with the entire program description for your convenience. We’re enrolling now and launching July 13th.

The program is engineered to take you from confusion, anxiety, and overwhelm, to clarity, confidence, and stepping into the job — and life — of your dreams. 

To feel if it’s right for you, put yourself in that place right now, really feel the emotion and excitement of getting paid to give your gift.

You deserve that, you can have it, and Break Free to Live Free can get you there. Check it out here or take a look below:

Break Free to Live Free – Five Phase System

In my Five Phase System, you get proven, effective tools and strategies, and I provide in-depth and personalized support — so you have the clarity and confidence to take the bold action to step into the job — and life! of your dreams.

I work with your unique pace, creativity and genius, so that you truly own your success and can repeat it well after the program is over.

Phase I – Alive Again: From Exhaustion to Vitality

Stress and anxiety destroy your quality of life. If you are constantly living in stress, you are living in survival mode – it’s impossible to create your dream from this place: your experience is constant worry, fear, and physical pain.  In this module I teach you how to take yourself out of the stress response and heal your anxiety so you can take back your life.

Teachings Include:

  • Powerful Stress-Relief Techniques – Go from fear, pain, and worry to relief, ease, and freedom.
  • Heal Anxiety – Learn how to release anxiety’s stifling hold on you and your life.
  • The Power of Self-Care – Learn what self-care is, why it’s crucial to your success, and how and why to implement it for optimal performance in your day to day.
  • Wellness Plan – You complete this module with a Wellness Plan, so that you know when and how to use these tools every day.


Phase II – Your Gold Standard: Money and Your Self-Worth

Fear around money is one of the strongest forces that can stop you from making the move from a job you hate to a job you love. Lack of self-worth is the insidious invisible voice inside that tells you that you’re not worth having your dreams anyway. In this module we boldly address these fears and voices so that you can move from feeling small, disempowered, and confused, to grounded, strong, and ready to take the next action step.

Teachings Include:

  • Money Confidence – I walk you through a technique where you discover how and where you are disempowered around money, so that you stop sabotaging yourself from being fully abundant.
  • Money Plan – Money loves structure. You get a template and exercises to put a structure in place – this grounds your money so that it can grow and support you.
  • Revive Your Self-Esteem – With healing techniques, we uncover and transform self-sabotage so you can reclaim your self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem.


Phase III – Your Passion & Purpose: Clarification, Declaration, and Plan of Action

In this module we take all of the ideas, inspirations, and possibilities of what you love, what you’re good at, and what you want to do, and focus them into the job or career that you will step into. Then you implement the BreakFree Plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

You get to claim what it is you want – what’s your dream, what’s your vision, what do you see when you imagine your ideal day. And how are you here to make the world a better place? How does this correlate to what you do best? What does it look like in the form of a job? Are you ready to get paid to do what you love?  …You’re getting close!!

The BreakFree Plan. I teach you how to go from where you are now – the fullness, responsibilities, and perceived restrictions of your current life – to the life vision you just declared.

Teachings Include:

  • Passion and Purpose Clarity – Go from confused and overwhelmed about what you want, to clear, calm, and inspired.
  • BreakFree Plan – Work the template to get a powerful plan of action.
  • Accountability Tools – Chart your progress and stay on track.


Phase IV – Inspiration & Creativity: The Ally of Greater Consciousness

In this module I teach you to tap into greater consciousness, Spirit, your own source for inspiration and wisdom outside of your mind. You learn techniques to access the infinite wealth of information that is beyond your day to day human experience. This gives you access to inspiration and creativity that keep you motivated and fueled to work your action plan and keep moving toward your dream job.

Teachings Include:

  • Meditation Techniques – Learn how to work with Spirit and let Spirit inform you.
  • Subtle Energy Techniques – Lessons about your subtle energy body and how to connect to and run your energy for optimal vitality and inspiration throughout your entire day.
  • Creation Activation – You assign yourself a creative endeavor – a pleasurable hobby that gets your juices flowing and keeps you inspired and excited about all aspects of your life!


Phase V – Deconstructing Fear: One of the Most Crucial Tools to Your Success

Fear will stop you in your tracks. No matter how solid your plan is, if you don’t understand the anatomy of your fear and get it handled, it will take.you.down.  In this module we address and heal your scariest fears so that they no longer control you and you can move forward into the life you have claimed.

Teachings Include:

The Anatomy of Fear
  • Learn the difference between real danger and what’s just trying to hold you back.
  • Identify fear in the body and energy field and clear it safely.
  • Get to the root of your fears and lovingly heal their origins so you are free of their control over you.


Excited?? Book a call to discuss enrollment!


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