Growing up in Miami, I was a water baby. I spent most weekends in the pool or the ocean, and as a result, the water is a rejuvenating, restorative place for me. Now living in the Santa Cruz Mountains, the ocean water is freezing, so I rest and reset in my hot tub, inhaling the fresh mountain air, communing with the redwoods as the stress melts away.

One of the most miserable and physically painful parts of my life working in corporate was the lack of balance, and the inability to take a real break throughout the day. Like many of us in this community, I need breaks, I need recovery, I need to change perspective, I need to stretch and move my body – I need to get in the hot tub!

Balance, breaks, recovery, rest – these are a natural part of of our daily flow, and they make us better. Better at our work, better human beings, better to ourselves and our loved ones.  We are more creative, more generous, and more successful when we have time to rest our minds, read a book, lovingly cook a meal for our families.

Time and space – these are the non-renewable commodities that contribute to the quality of your life.

If you don’t have control of your schedule, this kind of balance is probably sorely lacking for you, and this is probably a big part of why you want to transform your work life – yes? When you dream big, you do it because you want a better quality of life for your clients or customers and for yourself. You totally deserve that, and it’s actually part of the equation.   

Here’s the cool thing about living your dream job: the better you care for yourself, the better you are able to serve your clients, — and — the energy of your clients’ results, satisfaction, and excitement circles right back around to you. You create a beautiful positive feedback loop of success all around.

It’s SO worth it.

Is balance a priority for you? Let’s talk about how to create that together.


P.S. – How do you create balance in your life? I’d love to know!

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