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The way you know you have a dream that’s worth following (rather than a whim), is that your dream won’t go away – it won’t let you go.

It’s always with you, and if you are not taking action to make it happen, you always feel like you “should” be. What an energy drain, right?

And the most frustrating thing is knowing you are ready crack open and get going on your dream, but you let life circumstances get in the way.  Overwhelm, fear, moving to a new town —  all of the reasons “why not” will tell you, “You are not ready, now is not the time.”

Here’s the secret – if you are reading this and you are pissed off, then you ARE ready – you are ready to go!!

You are ready to grow, expand, get bigger, and put your dream in motion!  You are ready to experience the passion in your heart, and manifest your potential. You are ready to be on fire!

You don’t have to know how it’s going to happen, only that you want it.

Your action step right now is to reach out for support. My 6-Month mentorship program called Break Free to Live Free could be the perfect fit for you. Check it out, and book a call with me.

Your longing is your soul calling – like literally your soul is saying – “listen! that passion is the juice for your life!!” There is a matrix of divine support and structure for your longing, and this program teaches you how to tap into thatand use it to move your dream forward.

Curious? Book a call with me, and let’s talk it out together.

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