Hi Everyone!

How’s your year coming along?!

If you’re wondering why I’ve been so silent, it’s because I’ve been working on one of the biggest projects I’ve done to date – and I’m so excited to invite you! It’s a Global Summit called “Break Free From the Cubicle” where I’ve gathered 18 experts to give you our gold in tips, tools, strategies, and mindset shifts to help you leave the desk job that you hate and create a job – and life – you love.

If this is a fit for you or someone you know, spread the word. The Summit is FREE, and I’ll send through the link to register next week.

We’re airing two interviews a day for nine days beginning April 25th.
I’ve interviewed most of our experts already, and can tell you from what we’ve discussed: the content is really good. Every interview is so interesting and literally chock-full of useful tips to transform your professional and personal life. This is a high-quality event.




Throughout this project, I’ve had more fun than ever, and I’ve also been more overwhelmed than ever. This inspired me to write this newsletter to share the #1 tool that’s saved me from total nervous breakdown throughout these three months.  It’s deceptively simple, as most powerful tools are.


Why breathing?

Well, what happens when we feel stressed, strained, or overwhelmed: we feel pushed beyond our limit, energetically stuffed, like we are stretching to hold it all.  What else happens? The mind shuts down, mental fog ensues; sometimes we just fee like we want to cry.

We get stressed because our body reacts to the stressors in our environment as though they are mortal threats, which they are not.  The body releases a steady stream of stress hormones throughout the day to enable us to fight or flee, but as we generally do neither, the stress hormones accumulate, and we feel terrible, and maybe even get sick.

Breath shifts this instantaneously.

Breath is the number one fastest and easiest way to stop the stress response. Taking a deep breath into the lower belly triggers the vagus nerve, which in turn triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for calming us down and promoting relaxation (so we can “rest and digest”).  Try it, feel the difference in this moment.

What else about Breath?

The body releases 70% of its toxins through breathing (! right?), as oxygen helps to break down cellular waste that is then carried away in the blood. Breathing also clears your head, literally, as brain fog is caused by an overabundance of carbon dioxide.

Energetically, breathing is the gateway to access your subtle energy. Many of you have done this with me before: we can slow our breathing to literally slow the matrix, and bring us into the stillpoint, the “now” moment where there is minimal movement, infinite space, infinite possibility, and we are being breathed by the universe. No stress there!

This tool is a lifesaver.  Next time you are in a serious crunch, remember this post, and just stop and take a deep breath. It will change your whole tack, I promise.

Synch your inhales and exhales with the gif above for 5 breaths and notice the difference right now.

Let me know how it goes for you!

And breathe away!

Much love,



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