As we enter the New Year, we are inspired to set goals and resolutions that we feel will improve our lives. At the reset of the Gregorian calendar, we hit the ‘refresh’ button and enter the coming year with a clean slate. Initially we are excited, and vigorously set forth to accomplish our goals. Yet often as the year progresses, our goals and resolutions can feel like a burden – they are one more item added to an already long list.  Frustration and despair can set in: though our new year’s promises are still important to us, ‘life gets in the way’ and we discover that an increasingly dwindling willpower is not enough to see them through.

Practical Magic

The following tools will help you to manifest your desired creations. You will partner with the Divine, and use ease, excitement, and pleasure in doing so.  After a prolonged period of ineffective action, this can come as a relief, as ‘easy’ would not likely describe your experience.  When all efforts have failed, it can feel like we are pushing against the current to make things happen; you may even be feeling the effects of this strain in your body.  Feeling pleasure in the creation process leads to success in creation. We do live in a magical world, and we all deserve to know how to harness our personal magic to have great lives!

1. State your Desire, and Be Inspired!

Review the list you made for yourself just a week ago – are you still inspired, or do you already feel bogged down?  If you have lost your inspiration, you owe it to yourself to find it again, for it is this feeling – sitting in excited anticipation of all the magic that is about to flow to you – that will activate the universal laws that will bring you what you want.  Sit with your original intent and feel the pleasure of what it would feel like if you had this, whether it is a daily exercise regimen, a trip to Thailand, or a new home. Ask and you shall receive: let your inspired asking be the catalyst that opens up the floodgates for you to receive.

2. Feel Good, Stay Tuned

The next step is to connect to and align with Source Energy; you will match up frequencies like tuning to a radio station.  As you achieve resonance, you are able to perceive and thus utilize the assistance coming towards you. You tune in to hear and see the clues provided, and to act on the synchronicities and opportunities that appear in your reality.

The way to activate this connection is to feel good. When we feel good, we are connected with the greater truth of who we are (Source Energy, Core Essence, God-self), and we are in an energetic state of allowing. As we allow energy to flow, we become energetically receptive, and the Universe becomes our partner in creation. To perpetuate this state, relax and allow, and stay focused on good feelings and thoughts.  Recognize and appreciate opportunities as they show up in your reality.  This keeps you tuned to the frequency of cosmic abundance, and keeps the good times rolling.

Try the following meditation to open the energies and keep them flowing:

Sit comfortably in your favorite meditation position, start to notice your breath, and slow everything down. Slow your thoughts, allow your whole being to slow down, as though you were slowing the very matrix inside and around you. When entering the realms of subtle energy, slowing your inner and outer worlds helps to more effectively engage here.

Next, pay attention to where in your body you feel excited and inspired – note that these feelings do not necessarily have to come as a result of feeling into your desired manifestation.  It is only important that you feel good. Describe the quality of this feeling – is it light, open, easy, like you can breathe deeply or move freely?  Keep following this feeling and enjoy it for as long as you can. If any thoughts creep in that want to dampen your pleasure in the moment, gently let them go and come back to your body sensation.

For an even more specific meditation, do my guided meditation, Grounding Into Source.

I’d like to note that this practice is not about denying reality – if there is something to tend to in your inner or outer world, do so.  This practice is about dropping the addiction to negativity or drama and adopting the worthwhile discipline of cultivating pleasure to have the life you want.

3. Let It Go, Stay Flexible

Drop all expectations of how your requests will be fulfilled. This releases any conditions on how things “should” happen, and as you look around for all the good things that are coming your way, you’ll notice that your manifestations are coming to you in ways you could have never planned or expected.  The Divine, in its infinite wisdom and vast perspective, is now able to continually surprise and delight you; this is the magic. As aforementioned, practice and perpetuate this magic by relaxing and staying open, and recognizing and appreciating what the Universe is delivering – the frequency of appreciation keeps you connected to Source, which keeps the flow open.

4. Have FUN!

I have found that the Universe loves to play and has a great and sophisticated sense of humor. It will keep you on your toes and keep you laughing if you let it!

Like anything hugely worthwhile, this is a daily practice. I highly recommend the youtube videos of Abraham-Hicks, Bashar, and Tony Robbins for a positive daily mind scrub.

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