Sometimes I am asked, “But energy healing, does it really work?”  My answer is yes, and here’s why:

Everything is energy, everything holds a frequency, from the electromagnetic field that surrounds and interpenetrates your body, to the water in your glass, to the glass holding the water.  As thinkers and dreamers and do-ers, we are the creators of our lives.  We create our lives based on what we think, believe, and yes, do. Here’s how it works:

Thoughts are energy; the more we think a thought, the more energy we give to it, and the vibrationally denser it becomes.  A thought given a continuous amount of energy will eventually precipitate through the interpenetrating layers of frequencies of the body’s energy field until it manifests in our lives, landing in the denser world of “3D” reality, or that which we generally know with our five senses.  A thought can manifest as a habit, behavior or action, which will produce an outcome.  The quality of the thought, not to mention its substance, informs the outcome.  A thought given consistent energy that is out of alignment with your true essence can manifest as something undesired, including illness or dis-ease in your physical system, whereas a thought that reflects your true essence, or the energy of your divine core, will engender more of what feels good to you- optimal health, prosperity, nourishing relationships, etc.

Much of my work with clients is holding space for them to see how they have a hand in creating the situations for which they are seeking help.  We are each our own healers, and to the extent that we have awareness of our blocks, wounds, and defenses, we can heal those places and live life from a more integrated perspective.  The tools that I use are my own empathic sense and inner vision, my kinesthetic sense, my channel (tapping into Source and Earth energies), and the client’s energy and our conversation together.  Those who have an innate gift or desire and undergo training can learn how to make a real difference for people.  Each person’s healing process is as unique as they are – sometimes my clients and I get to the root of the issue quickly, and sometimes it is a gradual process. There is no better or worse way, there is only each person’s way.

Many of my clients can attest to the work we do together as making a positive difference for them – whether, as a result of our sessions, they healed an undesirable physical symptom or are living a more fulfilling life.  Most clients come in with a willingness to do their personal work and take active steps toward their own healing.  I’d guess that if you asked these clients, “Does energy healing work?” their answer would be, “Yes, it does” for they have experienced the work in action, and perhaps even felt the subtle energy in their bodies, in their connection to themselves, or in their connection to Spirit.

And so I write this article for those who have questions.  Perhaps you have not felt subtle energy, or you have felt it, but didn’t identify it as such.  If you are curious, keep asking, keep searching, keep challenging. I highly encourage skepticism.  Arguably, if it is not real to you, then it is not real.  In the realm of subtle energy and energy medicine, no one is to be convinced that it is ‘real.’

Those curious can start with feeding the mind.  Below you’ll find studies, papers, videos, book titles.  There is so much information and “proof” for the left-brain.  I invite you to peruse these references, share them with others, discuss and debate, and when you are ready, use the left-brain to access the world of the right-brain, and sink into the beauty and mystery within you. To get there, I recommend doing one of my guided meditations, found here.

And by all means, reach out to me with any questions and comments.


One of the best books on the subject of “is healing real, and what’s the proof” is The Field by Lynne McTaggart. It’s the history of the scientific exploration of healing and consciousness – it’s an entire book of studies on the subject.

Also useful and enlightening and very powerful are Barbara Brennan’s books, Hands of Light and Light Emerging, which are also the textbooks for her school, my alma mater.  If you resonate with the information in these books, get thee straight to a training, no need to dabble in the below.


Here are links to two pages with a bevy of studies:

And links to other studies: – Healing on patients with advanced AIDS. (Full paper below the abstract.) – Healing on heart patients – Healing on mice – Study of studies. I liked this because there are a bunch of studies out there; this seems to synthesize them and their results

Masaru Emoto

Also powerful is the work of researcher Masaru Emoto, who works with water and intention/communication, saying words or showing a picture to water, then freezing and photographing the crystals.  Words like love, kindness, and harmony result in balanced crystals, whereas words like war and hate create distorted crystals.  His work is an amazing example of how intention and language (and thus thought) carries a frequency and can be used to create or affect an outcome. – Emoto’s site / pics of water crystals – Emoto’s study

Happy exploring!

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