One way to clear your space of energetic goo is to use sage: burn a bundle of sage, open the windows in the room, and allow the smoke to carry away the denser energies.  This is common knowledge for clearing a space, and something that I do at least once a day.  I can feel the difference, and think it’s an effective way to clear both my healing space as well as the Human Energy Field.  I feel that sage works, however I’ve wondered for years how it works.  I was excited to find my question recently answered in a Brennan Healing Science Community FB thread.

Healer and former faculty member of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH), Jonathan Bessone writes:

“As it was explained to me, tens of thousands of years ago, hunters would sweat out as much as possible and then smoke themselves prior to going out hunting. It was a method of disguising their scent as a predator. These sweating and fumigation rituals gradually became associated with a wider definition of ‘purification’. The sweat lodge and sauna evolved out of these neolithic (or earlier) practices. Smoke containing various plant oils does drive away or confuse bloodsucking insects, why not vampires? Sage, in particular, has alellopathic qualities – it inhibits the growth of other plants near it. You could say it is a plant with strong boundaries. 😉 Assuming you use a plant for smudging, your personal relationship to the spirit of that plant also comes into play. The same would be true of a mineral, such as salt, or, uh…soap. In a larger context, smudging and incense burning [are] symbolic actions which normally have multiple layers of meaning at different levels of reality. Symbols, used with conscious intention, are immensely effective in the astral world. Smudging accesses visual and olfactory cues, as well as the kinesthetic cues of the action itself. The olfactory, in particular, is powerful because it links directly with the limbic brain, strongly associated with memory, as well as our chakra/endocrine system. So when you smudge, you are accessing multi-sensory memories of all past experiences of smudging, perhaps event the morphogenic field of all of the smudging rituals throughout history and pre-history.

Amazing, thank you Jonathan!  For more info and to link up with Jonathan, click here.


Using Salt to Clear Your Field

Other invaluable advice was on the use of salt as an even more powerful dislodging tool.  Healer, and former dean and faculty member at BBSH, Dean Ramsden (to link to Dean’s awesome and informative site, click here,)  shared the following:

“Smoke from some vegetable products like sage can help clear a room, but I don’t find them as close as effective as either salt or running water of some kind, if you are looking to clear lower Astral influences. For native traditions where salt is scarce or overly valuable (like plain First Peoples, or Native Americans) sage or sweet grass can help a lot, but NaCl [salt] remains the champion of Astral clearing substances. Salt seems to disrupt the etheric boundary tension that allows lower astral to attach to living beings, a little bit like a mild electric shock. Add in a good ritual, or powerful intention, and throwing salt at the lower astral will beat a sage stick or incense any day of the week. Additionally, Magnesium Sulphate salts [Epsom salt] pull a lot of astral gunk out of our system, as the magnesium is absorbed into the cells and slowly “ejects”lower astral out of the body. In a nutshell: NaCl is for hard core, instant results, and MgSO4 for deeper, more long-lasting results.

Supermarket salt has lost some of its potency sitting in Aisle B. Plus, adding iodine to it cuts the effectiveness considerably. Ideally, you make your own from sea water, or – failing that – Sea Salt from a small health food store. But it depends how much astral work you are doing, of course. When I was teaching at BBSH I washed my hands in Sea Salt at the end of every day, or we had the Teachers burn Epsom Salts and use the blue flame it emits to dislodge the gunk, after Astral Healing work. But, in a regular healing practice situation just make sure you have a long shower after work (running water disconnects the lower astral from you, again by changing your etheric body’s electrical charge).”

Such great information, thank you Dean!


How to Clear Your Field with Salt

  • Bathe in Epsom salt
  • Dry rub pEsom salt on your body in the shower before you get wet
  • For a more spa-rific experience, make your own wet scrub with salt and sesame oil to use in the shower


How to Clear Your Room Using Salt

Please use caution with the following method.

  • Create a solution of Epsom Salt and 70% alcohol in a small pan with a lid.  Coat the bottom of the pan with salt and pour 1-2 capfulls of alcohol.
  • Holding the pan away from anything flammable, light it with a long match, or throw a small lit match in the solution.  The flame will be blue or non-visible, so handle with care!
  • Walk around the room, allowing the flame and salts to draw in lower-frequency energies.
  • Clear the space until the flame is out or until you put it out with the lid of the pan.  Dump salt into the sink and rinse the pan.


Do you have other methods of clearing that really work for you? Please share!

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