“Samantha Ibarguen is one of those rare, naturally gifted healers. Because of her myriad, comprehensive trainings, combined with her experience in the corporate world, Sam is sure to be the bridge between. Thus, I believe she is on the cutting edge of a new methodology.

Her leadership and profound empathetic approach, while offering a new skill set (by educating those challenged by intense schedules as they strive for excellence), will help people solely, as well as enhance their role as part of a team to rise to new possibilities in a changing environment. Those changes require a gifted healing therapist like Sam. I am honored to know she is here to help us in these times.”

Joy Adler

B.H.S. P. Director of Alternative Healing Arts

“Through my work with Sam, I was able to identify my priorities and passions, and put myself on the path to living out my dreams. I had been unhappy in my previous work and I knew that I was meant to do something different about which I was really passionate. I was able to let go of some people and things that weren’t serving me anymore, and am focusing on creating a life and career path that are sustainable for me. I finally quit my job and I’m able to focus 100% on building a career that brings me joy, which I can share with others.

Lisa M.

Los Gatos, CA

“I walked into Samantha’s Bliss Meditation having had a very difficult day. I felt extremely disconnected from myself due to a lot of changes had happened in my life. I was feeling overwhelmed and not anchored to anything. WIthin a minute of her guiding us into mediation, I went deep into meditation. The energetic container she holds is very powerful and unique. I felt a safety and space in her presence that immediately reconnected me to myself and to my life. But it wasn’t just me, everyone in the room had entered into a deep meditative state almost immediately. I left feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Obviously this is a great service to anyone living in the city who needs a moment to slow down and sink in.


Miami, FL

“What makes Sam a unique healer is that she has the most amazing ability to dialogue with my body. She listens to it in a way that no one before, including myself, has been able. Sam spotted a bladder infection before I showed symptoms, has provided relief for chronic back pain, and has provided immeasurable guidance and insight into the areas of my life where I am feeling “stuck” and into helping me realize and manifest my desires. I always look forward to my sessions with Sam because I know that I will learn something valuable and walk away feeling a profound sense of inner peace…now if only I could maintain it…oh wait, she is teaching me how to do that too!


New York, NY

“About 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma. Running and other strenuous activities would suddenly trigger significant breathing difficulties. Beta blockers did help but I didn’t want to use them long term as they are known to cause undesirable side effects. Samantha’s energy healing started to work after a couple of sessions and now, two months later, I am enjoying breathing with full lungs, just like I used to 5 years ago. Many thanks to Samantha for her marvelous magic!


Los Gatos, CA

“Samantha is a unique and wonderful soul, she is also possibly the most amazing healer I have ever had the good fortune to come across (and I’ve been to a few!). Every healing I have had has been deeply profound at all levels – physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic. It feels like each session has helped me reach a new level of spiritual evolution somehow – releasing negativity and blockages, reaching the very core of my being and allowing me to experience who I really am – spacious and free. I really have found it all completely mind-blowing. I knew Barbara Anne Brennan healers were powerful, but to experience it first-hand is something else, and I consider myself immensely lucky to have found Samantha. I don’t know of any Brennan healers in my home town of London, so I thank my lucky stars that I moved to New York! I got Lyme disease as soon as I arrived in NY – initially a curse, but turned out to be a blessing in disguise because of the spiritual growth that it has catalyzed! In the past, even though I thoroughly supported alternative medicine and energy healing techniques, and regularly sought them out, there was part of my brain that was a doubting Thomas, fixed to the old western idea that when you’re really sick, you need doctor’s prescriptions and pills to get better. Well no more! I actually felt the energy coursing through my body from Samantha’s hands in a very physical and obvious way – I could feel energy shifting subtly but very profoundly through my being. She gave me some very profound insights into early childhood experiences and even past lives, which have helped me to work through some of my issues and compulsive behavior patterns. My Lyme disease disappeared in a few weeks, (when some sufferers can have it for anything from 3 months to a year). Samantha has a wonderful way of explaining things, so I find the chats before and after her healings just as helpful as the healings themselves. She is so centered, calm, and energized at the same time – it always makes me feel good to be with her. I can’t recommend her more highly – we are lucky beings indeed to have her in our midst. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for the healing and guidance she has given me.


New York, NY

“I have been seeing Sam for five years. Every time I’ve had a session with her, I have left more refreshed, clear, calm, and more prepared for my life. The feeling reminds me of having had a massage. It’s also just wonderful to be around Sam, she is fun to talk to, very engaged, and radiates warmth.


New York, NY

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