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The Source

Through this meditation you are tapping into original creative/creator energy. As you get the hang of this meditation, you will notice that, as the energy rises from your pelvis up through your body and out your crown, your body will lengthen and rise of it’s own accord, and you will be effortlessly seated in what is considered ‘ideal’ meditation posture – shoulders over hips, chin slightly down, spine aligned. This is an indication that you are tapped in, and that the energy coursing through your body is what is holding you up. From this place, relax your body, and open more and more to the nectar of source energy that is flowing through you.

The purpose of this meditation is to connect into source energy, and tap into the guidance, inspiration, and downloads from Spirit that are your birthright.

Benefits of this Meditation

In this place, you are tapped into the greater you, the infinite being whose one of many expressions is you in this form. Listen for and feel the energy of divine creation, inspiration, or insight from this expanded you; allow it to inform your entire life. Become your own channel: from here you can listen for life direction, or soul purpose.

This is the meditation where you can set your intention to align your will with Divine will, and give up the micro-management of your life. Find the pleasure current in your body, breathe, and send your dreams and desires to the Divine. If you are practicing these meditations, you are cultivating your ability to stay centered and aligned so that you can hear and follow the clues the Universe sends back that lead you to what you have asked for.

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