Who Do You Have to Become to Have What You Want?

My class and I just landed on the other side of Practical Magic of Manifestation, and I thought I’d share what I brought to the table to manifest. I chose money, and after doing some really fun math, I came up with $17,500 over my normal income by May 1st. So I worked...

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Healing the Split Between Spirit and Matter

One of the things we’re going to work in Practical Magic is the split between spirit and matter, and how to be a spiritual person and still make money. The split is this: If I’m doing what I love that is of service to others, then I can’t charge for it, or I can’t...

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The Break Up That Was a Break Through

Back in November, I had just broken up with someone whom I really liked; alas, it wasn’t a fit. And I was finally ready for my partner – like the real deal, awesome, committed person who was a great match for me.  I sat down to meditate, and set my intention to bring...

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Why the F$%! Isn’t It Working?

Happy 2017, we did it! (: For a number of reasons, a lot of use were really ready to make the switch from 2016 to 2017. With a new year comes a new outlook, a fresh start, and bold plans. I have bold plans for myself this year, and they scare the crap out of me....

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